A Claddagh Ring, The Perfect Choice For An Engagement Ring

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A Claddagh Ring, The Perfect Choice For An Engagement Ring

If you met that ideal person you want to share the rest of your life with, and you want to give them a beautiful engagement ring that shows your love and how important is that person to you, the answer is a Claddagh ring from gemiani.com. It is a traditional Irish ring that is the perfect representation of true love, commitment and above all, loyalty. This type of ring has been used as an engagement ring since it became known, about 400 years ago in Ireland.

A symbol of true love

A Claddagh ring has a unique and unparalleled design with three symbols: a heart held by two hands and a royal crown on top. Each of these symbols has a special meaning, love, friendship and loyalty, creating together an engagement ring that is an ideal symbol of true love.

History of the first Claddagh ring

While it is true that there are several stories about their true origin, the most famous story of the origin of the Claddagh rings is that of Richard Joyce, a boy from a small town called Claddagh, which is now called Galway.

Richard was in love with a girl from this town, and before he left on a trip to the West Indies he promised her his eternal love. Unfortunately, the ship he was on was captured by pirates and taken away as a slave. He was a prisoner for about 12 years, where he had to work as a slave, and thanks to his knowledge he was able to work for a goldsmith, and he made the first Claddagh ring in which he put all his illusions of being able to return to his land with his girl.

After being released, Richard was able to return to Ireland and gave this ring to his beloved as a sign of his love, commitment and loyalty. Although we do not know for sure if this beautiful story is true or not, it is an ideal sample of what a Claddagh ring represents, true love.

Why choose a Claddagh ring as an engagement ring

There is a huge variety of Claddagh ring designs for both, men and women. You can find simple but really beautiful silver rings, you can also get claddaghs with incrusted diamonds, sapphires, among many other jewelry stones.

Also, if you want to personalize your ring, you can do it, ask for an inlay that you like and feel that represents your feelings, so your rings will be unique. With a ring like this you can show that special person your true love and how much he/she means to you.