Are Dental Implants Really the Best Solution?

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Are Dental Implants Really the Best Solution?

Implants are the pinnacle of technology when it comes to oral care. An implant can be defined as a titanium screw that is inserted exactly into the jaw bone and should fuse with it. Its main purpose is to replace the root of our lost/missing tooth. The biggest advantage of dental implants is that they are durable and stronger than dentures and bridges, but these are just some of the advantages, there are many more, of course. warmly advises you for implants as permanent solutions for teeth that you have lost because they are functionally and structurally attached to the bone.

What are the indications for the installation of dental implants?

Missing of one tooth and its replacement: in case you are missing only one single tooth, you can easily replace it with an implant and a ceramic crown that is placed on it.

Missing of more teeth and their compensation: you should not hide your smile. If you are missing several teeth, there is a possibility of installing implants that will be in charge as carriers of dental bridges.

Replacement of all teeth: if you do not have any teeth, with the help of implants you can restore absolutely all teeth and get a stable denture.

Why is it important to replace a missing tooth in time?

The loss of only one tooth immediately causes a chewing disorder, which can affect all other functions of our body, not to mention the aesthetic problems that lead to discomfort in communication. Lack of teeth also leads to weakening of the jawbone.

Dental implants are the only possible way to stop the process of bone loss

All hitherto known methods for restoring lost teeth such as bridges, crowns, dentures only temporarily solve this problem. In order for a dentist to place a bridge, the tooth in front and the tooth behind needs to be involved in the process, which in most cases means that these healthy teeth must be ground.

By placing the implant in the place of the lost tooth, not only the surrounding teeth are preserved, but also the forces that are created during chewing are transferred to the jaw bone and thus prevent its resorption.

Advantages of dental implants over dental bridges and dentures compiled the following benefits for you:

Aesthetics: the patient has a feeling and appearance identical to that of natural teeth

Preservation of remaining teeth: implants in no way impair the appearance and health of other healthy teeth

Self-confidence and comfort: you have the ability to eat normally again, talk, and laugh.

The takeaway

Implants are the culmination of advances in oral surgery, and it is no wonder that more and more people are opting for this step. The advantages are numerous, the whole procedure is completely harmless, and everything is completed in a short period of time.