Finding the best Neurosurgeon for you

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Finding the best Neurosurgeon for you

Spinal surgery is one of the complicated surgical processes that require a high level of precision. This is why surgery, especially invasive one, is only recommended when all the other options have been explored. It is also why you need to be careful when selecting a surgeon to perform the procedure. The first step is acknowledging that you’re in charge and that the final decision whether to have the surgery or not relies on you. If you don’t want the surgery the doctor can’t force you. It is a decision you make depending on the level of pain you’re experiencing and the advice you’re given by medical professionals.

Finding a good neurosurgeon

When looking for a good neurosurgeon, you need to find out whether they have the academic qualifications and the experience to carry out that type of surgery. This means finding out how many times they have performed the specific surgery you’re supposed to have and if they have certifications from relevant boards such as the American Board of spine surgeons. Ask about the surgeon’s success rate and compare it to the general statistics. You can also talk to the previous patients to verify how well the surgeon performs. The best neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills will have no problem proving any of these and will answer all your questions honestly. They’ll even help you contact their previous patients without breaking the HIPPA regulations.

Another important factor to look into when searching for a neurosurgeon is expertise. You need to prove that they have the skills they claim to have. This can be more challenging since there aren’t reports regarding that profession. If they’re members of reputable organizations, you can go through the websites to find out if the surgeon has any qualities listed on them. You can also talk to people who have had your specific condition or ask for more information about the surgeon at your local hospital.

Vetting several candidates will also increase your chances of getting the best neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills. Instead of focusing on one doctor, try two or three then choose the one with the best qualities. You just need to remember that the second opinion isn’t always the best and keep an open mind to make a sound decision based on facts.


With these tips, finding the best neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills shouldn’t be too difficult. Most neurosurgeons operating within the area have the expertise to handle different types of spinal surgeries but you can still use the tips above to be sure. You can’t delegate the process of finding a good surgeon to someone else. You have to be actively involved to ensure you get the right diagnosis as well as a treatment plan.