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A Claddagh Ring, The Perfect Choice For An Engagement Ring

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A Claddagh Ring, The Perfect Choice For An Engagement Ring

If you met that ideal person you want to share the rest of your life with, and you want to give them a beautiful engagement ring that shows your love and how important is that person to you, the answer is a Claddagh ring from gemiani.com. It is a traditional Irish ring that is the perfect representation of true love, commitment and above all, loyalty. This type of ring has been used as an engagement ring since it became known, about 400 years ago in Ireland.

A symbol of true love

A Claddagh ring has a unique and unparalleled design with three symbols: a heart held by two hands and a royal crown on top. Each of these symbols has a special meaning, love, friendship and loyalty, creating together an engagement ring that is an ideal symbol of true love.

History of the first Claddagh ring

While it is true that there are several stories about their true origin, the most famous story of the origin of the Claddagh rings is that of Richard Joyce, a boy from a small town called Claddagh, which is now called Galway.

Richard was in love with a girl from this town, and before he left on a trip to the West Indies he promised her his eternal love. Unfortunately, the ship he was on was captured by pirates and taken away as a slave. He was a prisoner for about 12 years, where he had to work as a slave, and thanks to his knowledge he was able to work for a goldsmith, and he made the first Claddagh ring in which he put all his illusions of being able to return to his land with his girl.

After being released, Richard was able to return to Ireland and gave this ring to his beloved as a sign of his love, commitment and loyalty. Although we do not know for sure if this beautiful story is true or not, it is an ideal sample of what a Claddagh ring represents, true love.

Why choose a Claddagh ring as an engagement ring

There is a huge variety of Claddagh ring designs for both, men and women. You can find simple but really beautiful silver rings, you can also get claddaghs with incrusted diamonds, sapphires, among many other jewelry stones.

Also, if you want to personalize your ring, you can do it, ask for an inlay that you like and feel that represents your feelings, so your rings will be unique. With a ring like this you can show that special person your true love and how much he/she means to you.

What Is A Doctor of Physical Therapy?

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What Is A Doctor of Physical Therapy?

Have you ever broken a bone or had a serious injury leading you to see a doctor of physical therapy? Or maybe you’re not familiar with physical therapy at all. A doctor of physical therapy, or DPT, can help diagnose problems regarding someone’s tendons, muscles, and ligaments. It helps to watch how a patient’s motor skills work to best diagnose a problem.

When seeing a physical therapist, you may feel a bit uncomfortable, but that’s only because the doctors have to feel your insides to identify where the pain and decrease in movement is coming from. It’s normal to feel pain in your first session or two, so try addressing this with your doctor of physical therapy before going any further. In order for your experience to work out the best for you, it’s essential you put all feelings out on the table. Try being as honest and as specific as you can with where the pain is, how long you’ve been dealing with it, what makes it worse/better, and so on. This will help your doctor identify a solution much quicker.

The way a doctor of physical therapy can help you is by looking at the way you make everyday moves. For example, a DPT might ask you to go over there and pick that up. They might tell you it’s important to bend at the knees as opposed to being your back at a 90-degree angle. It’s little tips like this that a DPT can clue you in on. Some doctors may also show you different exercises that strengthen other parts of the body. If the injured area isn’t getting support from other parts of the body that are out of shape, this can put more strain on the focus point. A DPT might have you lift small weights, use large rubber bands and stretch them out, or use exercise balls. They may teach you at-home exercises to practice to get your body back up to speed as well.

If physical therapy is something that interests you, you may want to join a doctor of physical therapy program. To become a doctor of physical therapy, it takes a lot of school much like any other doctor. That’s why it’s important to find the best doctor of physical therapy program suitable for you. In today’s world, it’s very easy to find such a program, as physical therapy has become a popular study and careers are in demand. In the US, a doctorate of physical therapy degree is an entry-level professional degree. If you’re okay with working with people up close and personal, it’s the degree for you.

Get Your Eyes Taken Care By Professionals

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Get Your Eyes Taken Care By Professionals

Some people believe that the only situation when you should visit an eye doctor is when your eyes hurt or when you start loosing sight. Well, it might be little late, especially if it turns out you have some serious eye condition. Doctors from Meadows Eye Care were kind to explain what are some of the other reasons why should you visit an eye doctor on a regular basis. We hope this list will motivate you to take care of your overall health, your eyes included.

You are having problems with your vision for a while

If you notice that you have trouble seeing, you should visit an eye doctor as soon as possible. Many people think that their vision problems are caused by stress or tiredness. It is true that working on a computer all day can cause eye dryness and tiredness. But there are many other reasons, and some of them could be more severe, so it is always good to check.

Eye doctor can spot a problem before you experience any symptoms

Doctors from Meadows Eye Care have a lot of experience and they are able to recognize eye conditions, before you experience any symptoms. Many eye conditions, such as glaucoma, can develop without you noticing them. Most of eye conditions can be prevented and healed, if noticed early enough. Unfortunately, many people do not visit an eye doctor before it is too late. This means that regular visit to an eye doctor can save your vision!

You need an advice

People sometimes come to Meadows Eye Care just to ask for an advice. They know that our doctors are always happy to explain things and give tips on various things related to eye care, for example maintaining your contact lenses, Many people visit us because they are concerned that they are spending too much time in front of the computer and want to get tips on how to protect their vision. Our doctors are here to answer to all you may want to know.

Some people are scared of eye doctors, but with modern technology there is nothing to be scared of. Eye check up doesn’t hurt and it can have many benefits for your health. You should develop a habit of visiting an eye doctor at least once a year, even if you don’t have any symptoms. One day you will be grateful to yourself for doing so and keeping your eyes healthy.

Finding the best Neurosurgeon for you

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Finding the best Neurosurgeon for you

Spinal surgery is one of the complicated surgical processes that require a high level of precision. This is why surgery, especially invasive one, is only recommended when all the other options have been explored. It is also why you need to be careful when selecting a surgeon to perform the procedure. The first step is acknowledging that you’re in charge and that the final decision whether to have the surgery or not relies on you. If you don’t want the surgery the doctor can’t force you. It is a decision you make depending on the level of pain you’re experiencing and the advice you’re given by medical professionals.

Finding a good neurosurgeon

When looking for a good neurosurgeon, you need to find out whether they have the academic qualifications and the experience to carry out that type of surgery. This means finding out how many times they have performed the specific surgery you’re supposed to have and if they have certifications from relevant boards such as the American Board of spine surgeons. Ask about the surgeon’s success rate and compare it to the general statistics. You can also talk to the previous patients to verify how well the surgeon performs. The best neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills will have no problem proving any of these and will answer all your questions honestly. They’ll even help you contact their previous patients without breaking the HIPPA regulations.

Another important factor to look into when searching for a neurosurgeon is expertise. You need to prove that they have the skills they claim to have. This can be more challenging since there aren’t reports regarding that profession. If they’re members of reputable organizations, you can go through the websites to find out if the surgeon has any qualities listed on them. You can also talk to people who have had your specific condition or ask for more information about the surgeon at your local hospital.

Vetting several candidates will also increase your chances of getting the best neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills. Instead of focusing on one doctor, try two or three then choose the one with the best qualities. You just need to remember that the second opinion isn’t always the best and keep an open mind to make a sound decision based on facts.


With these tips, finding the best neurosurgeon in Beverly Hills shouldn’t be too difficult. Most neurosurgeons operating within the area have the expertise to handle different types of spinal surgeries but you can still use the tips above to be sure. You can’t delegate the process of finding a good surgeon to someone else. You have to be actively involved to ensure you get the right diagnosis as well as a treatment plan.

What is Coolsculpting?

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What is Coolsculpting?

Of all the ways to get rid of fat or lose weight, coolsculpting might be one of the strangest. The idea of using sub-freezing temperatures to kill fat cells sounds like something a mad scientist might dream up, and you might be worried it’s a scam that could even hurt you. But believe it or not, coolsculpting is an FDA approved way to use low temperatures to target and destroy fat cells.

The Basics of Coolsculpting

The science behind coolsculpting is a natural process of Cryolipolysis, which is quite a mouthful! Cryolipolysis is the term for how human fat cells are destroyed by sub-freezing temperatures. Once the cells have died, the body painlessly and harmlessly disposes of the dead cells through the kidneys over a period of weeks.

Like a number of scientific discoveries, coolsculpting was discovered completely by accident. Believe it or not, the concept of coolsculpting owes its existence to the popsicle. An unrelated study of children noticed that children who were eating regular popsicles had lost fat in their cheeks. When researchers looked into it, they realized that the popsicles were killing the fat cells in the children’s cheeks, and the idea of coolsculpting was born.

A coolsculpting clinic uses a pair of wands applied to areas patients want to reduce fat from, and over about an hour per session the patient simply lies or sits motionless while the wands are held in place. After a few treatment sessions, the patient should see results within a few weeks. Coolsculpting videos can give you a better idea of exactly how the treatment works.

Is Coolsculpting Safe?

The first thing that probably goes through your mind if you’re hearing about coolsculpting for the first time is, ‘Won’t I get frostbite?’ And it makes sense – Usually, exposure to freezing temperatures isn’t exactly healthy for the body.

The good news is that a reputable coolsculpting clinic uses equipment and techniques that guarantee that no harm will come to you. Coolsculpting technicians are trained to apply the cooling wands correctly and for the right amount of time, which means you get the benefit of coolsculpting without any risk of long-term harm.

In the first few minutes, you’ll feel an intense cold sensation, but after that, the area will be numb, and your skin will suffer no lasting damage.

It’s worth noting that there have been reports of people getting frostbite while attempting do-it-yourself coolsculpting. In this case, leave it to the professionals.

How Effective is Coolsculpting?

It’s important to understand that coolsculpting works but has a limited effect. If you’re hoping to drop 50 pounds overnight, coolsculpting isn’t going to make your dreams come true.

Clinical coolsculpting trials showed that on average, coolsculpting was able to eliminate around a quarter of total fat cells in the parts of the body being targeted. That’s certainly something, but it’s not going to make a belly disappear entirely.

Coolsculpting is best for trying to eliminate fat in certain areas that stubbornly resist while the rest of your body is relatively slim. Watching available coolsculpting videos can highlight what your expectations should be if you’re thinking about trying coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting might seem crazy or unsafe, but it’s a proven method to eliminate extra fat and lose some weight. It uses Cryolipolysis, where sub-freezing temperatures can kill fat cells, to rid the body of excess fat.

A coolsculpting session lasts for about an hour and several sessions can result in a moderate reduction in fat in the areas being targeted.

It’s not a miracle cure for people looking to lose weight. But if you’ve tried everything and still can’t get rid of stubborn stomach, neck, upper arm or other areas where fat tends to congregate, coolsculpting might be what you’ve been searching for.            

What Happens if you Have a Tooth Pulled and Don’t Replace it

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What Happens if you Have a Tooth Pulled and Don’t Replace it

Missing teeth can be replaced in many different ways. Placing a fixed bridge is among the available options. Experts in the dental field do recommend that dental care should strictly be approached from a tooth-conserving perspective and the entire fixing process entails full alteration of the teeth that are healthy otherwise. To ensure you preserve your teeth, or require an implant to restore the natural look of your teeth, considering Dents de sagesse Montréal, it is a long-lasting and less invasive solution to go with.

Stop the teeth from making shifts to empty spaces

When an individual loses a tooth, all the surrounding teeth will make way to make a move to fill the existing loft space which will later lead to different dental complications. Crowded or unevenly spaced teeth provide us with challenges to keep them clean and this will cost you a lot in case you develop any dental problem. Considering dental implant will keep the teeth well-spaced making them easy to clean.

Dental implants conserve an individual’s jawbone

Preferring a fixed bridge over dental implants will lead to deterioration of the jawbone underneath the loft space. These cases happen since an individual will receive inadequate stimulation to the existing bone without the root of the teeth. This is a similar thing to the dentures that may not have the support of an implant. So, you should consider immediate dental implants so that the jawbone will not lack that integrity of receiving future implants without necessarily a graft of a dental bone.

Dental implants supported dentures

Dentures have been reported by many individuals to have a lot of complications with them. This arises due to the poor fit of the dentures, mouth sores, food restrictions, and sunken lips. Wearing dentures provides such a fixed and permanent solution to dentures that are implant supported. Different procedures are in place and there are those that even provide full arch support of the prosthetic teeth with even minimal implants as few as up to four.

Preserves an individual’s appearance

An individual’s face will turn sunken in a way after a jawbone starts to undergo deterioration just because of a missing tooth. You will turn to look even older than those above your age. This is the case that makes those with dental dentures regularly complain of having sunken cheeks and thin lips. With dental implants, you’re assured of full body stimulation to produce dense and such a healthy jawbone material to keep the face always look young.

In case you require this kind of treatment, there is a need you to consider Dents de sagesse Montral to get the best services ever.

Insider Tips for Finding a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

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Insider Tips for Finding a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

Are you looking for a qualified and skilled facial cosmetic surgeon? Well, you need to do some homework to ensure you’re working with the best. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve done the legwork for you. Here is a quick guide on how to find the best facial cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Let’s jump right in! 

Read reviews of surgeons from your area

If you’re searching for the best functional rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has to offer, you must do some research. First, verify the certification and education of surgeons from the state’s medical board. Most of them will showcase their work and may send pictures upon request. Next, find out what other people are saying about the service. This is incredibly helpful because you don’t want someone who will operate on your face only to leave visible scars. Be watchful of surgeons who rely heavily on advertising. 

Talk to friends and family members

After you’ve settled for a couple of cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills, you may want to get a second opinion. Perhaps, there are other people in your family who have undergone the same procedure. Be sure to start with friends who work in the healthcare industry. You can also get a personal opinion from a family doctor before you undergo the procedure. 

Is the cosmetic surgeon affiliated with any hospital?

If the surgeon doesn’t have office privileges to perform the procedure, that’s a red flag. And if the operation is performed at the doctor’s office, does he use up-to-date medical equipment? Are there onboard certified anesthesiologists? 

Ask questions

Now that you’ve narrowed down your search on the best functional rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has to offer, it’s time to ask questions. Just like any other interview, you should come prepared. At the end of the day, you want to ensure you’re on the same page with the surgeon. It’s important that you take every question very seriously. To get a good idea whether the surgeon is competent enough to perform the procedure, ask for photos of past work. You can also express your wishes to understand if he or she can deliver the results you want. Finally, make sure you clarify the costs to avoid surprises down the road. 

Ensure the office staff is friendly

The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where you feel neglected or taken advantage of. Always listen to your gut. If you feel uncomfortable, you may want to consider the next available facial cosmetic surgeon. Of course, the health facility should be sparkling clean.


We can’t deny the fact that cosmetic surgery is a highly competitive field. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty procedure in Beverly Hills, robertkotlermd has you covered. They use a meticulous approach to preserve and enhance your unique body. Call the competent team today and restore your confidence.

What to do When Your Siblings don’t Help With Caring for Your Parents

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What to do When Your Siblings don’t Help With Caring for Your Parents

What are the benefits of hiring a caregiver in Los Angeles? A caregiver is an expert who works to support the various needs of people who are not able to fully care for themselves. Professional caregivers in Los Angeles help their respective clients by accomplishing their various in-house tasks including, preparing meals, dressing, and bathing among other housekeeping jobs. 

An Improved Relationship

By hiring an expert caregiver in Los Angeles, families can improve their relations with their loved one. A caregiver can either live with you or work for a specific time period per day. Either way, this expert will help you encounter more quality time with your loved one. Providing care to your loved one on your own can consume a significant amount of time and prevent you from having space to spend with the person of concern. 

Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional caregiver will help you have peace of mind because you’ll be sure a certified expert is taking proper care of your beloved one. Caregivers are experts who have undergone rigorous training and are qualified to make sure patients get the best possible in care. 

The Leading Los Angeles Home Care Service Provider

At 24hourcaregivers.com, we are a professional home care agency that can offer you comprehensive, compassionate care solutions in the convenience of your home. We are equipped with a team of professionals that is dedicated to offering the best possible home care solutions in a way which preserves the dignity and well-being of every person we serve.

Range of Services

Here at 24hourcaregivers, we do not only offer personal care solutions, we also offer other services like errand service, companionship, and light housekeeping among others. Our Los Angeles home care experts are skilled and qualified to offer an extensive array of services including:

*Prescription medical management

*Housekeeping and home maintenance

*Helping with personal care and hygiene

*Medical advocacy

*Assisting with meals, etc. 

Licensed and Insured Home Care Service 

24hourcaregivers is fully licensed and permitted to provide care giving solutions by the Department of Social Services in California. Choosing us as your Los Angeles home caregiver shows you’ll be cooperating with a reputable agency that is legally in business.

At our agency, we have insured all the services we specialize in. This means that if you will suffer damages when utilizing our services, we will bear the resulting loss and you’ll be compensated accordingly.

Your Satisfaction is Assured

At our agency, we are aware there is nothing more essential than family, and therefore when any of your family members is in need of help, they deserve the very best. This is why we are committed to helping your beloved one live a quality life regardless of his/her condition. Call us today to learn more about our reliable and affordable home care solutions.

What is an Easy Way to Encourage Students to Stay Hydrated?

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What is an Easy Way to Encourage Students to Stay Hydrated?

Everyone from your doctor to your best friend has told you about the importance of being hydrated. In theory, you are behind this sentiment 100 percent. You only have one question: How can you get yourself to drink more water when you’re too busy or you don’t enjoy the seemingly boring taste? 

Change the Way You Think About Drinking

Look at a half-gallon container of milk, and that’s the minimum amount of water you are supposed to take in on a daily basis for optimal hydration, skin health and brain function. You might be thinking that a bottle of that size often languishes in your fridge for over a week. You can’t picture yourself gulping down a full 64 ounces of anything, let alone water. 

Forget about the “all at once” idea” and think instead about sipping. Once you get into the sipping habit, you can drink manageable amounts throughout the day and will barely notice the ounces. Over time, the sipping becomes a habit that you do while focusing on other things. Before you know it, the half-gallon is gone. 

Jazz Up Your Water

Many people object to the “nothing” taste of regular water and choose sugary juices or sodas instead. The truth is that it is not an either-or proposition. You can make yummy water for yourself without packing on the calories or tainting it with chemicals. Squeeze a lemon into your water bottle for a brisk and thirst-quenching pick-me-up, or slice up some fruit and add it to make strawberry, blueberry or watermelon flavored water. If the fruit of your choice is not in season, purchase the frozen variety and use chunks just as you would ice cubes. 

Make it Fun!

No doubt, you have friends who also want to be better about their water intake. Use technology such as smartphone apps and social media to share your progress and even to remind you to keep drinking. When you or your buddies succeed, reward each other with positive affirmations and likes. On days when you don’t do as well as you would like, provide encouragement to each other. 

Spike Your Intake at Certain Times

New habits are hard to initiate. However, once they are established, they are like autopilot programs that operate on cruise control. One great hydration habit is to get yourself to have a glass of water before each meal and another after every bathroom break. 

Determine Your Optimal Temperature

Some folks love their drinks to be ice cold while others favor room temperature. If you don’t know which of these camps you fall into, try both. Then enjoy your water, naturally flavored or not, according to your thermal preferences. 

The benefits of drinking more water are numerous: supple skin, strengthened immune system, more efficient digestion, enhanced ability to concentrate and even weight loss. Most likely, your entire body is probably crying out for hydration at this very moment. Start drinking more water today!

Power Pressure Cooker xl Frozen Chicken Wings Recipe

by Carol Watts
Power Pressure Cooker xl Frozen Chicken Wings Recipe

No party is complete without chicken wings. Whether you’re tailgating at a college game or enjoying a church potluck, these gooey, tasty and savory morsels are a perennial hit. Up until now, you might have fried, grilled, baked, roasted, broiled or slow cooked these appetizers. While there is certainly nothing wrong with any of these solutions, there might be situations when time is short yet you don’t want to compromise on that fall-off-the-bone flavor. Don’t despair: bring out your pressure cooker.

Yes, your pressure cooker. If you’re thinking of the one Aunt Harriet passed down to you while disco was still king, it’s time to get in step with today’s cookers. A great deal has changed in recent years when it comes to these devices. They’re not dangerous if used according to instructions, and you won’t be subjected to that terrible screeching noise that used to raise your stress level through the roof. These days, they’re quiet, safe, clean and easy to use. Best of all, they’re not expensive.

The key advantage of pressure cooker chicken wings is the reduced time it takes to make them. From start to finish, you can accomplish the feat of preparing this delicious dish in about 30 minutes. The high pressure and fast cooking time enable all of that yummy juiciness to remain locked into your wings. What’s more, the meat is as tender as can be while the skin retains its flavor. If crispiness is important to you, you can quickly finish off your wings in the intense heat of your broiler after completing your pressure cooker chicken wings recipe.

Let’s face it, chicken wings are a guilty pleasure for most of us. With the pressure cooker, you can make them in minutes and without leaving your home. That’s definitely something to celebrate.