What Happens if you Have a Tooth Pulled and Don’t Replace it

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What Happens if you Have a Tooth Pulled and Don’t Replace it

Missing teeth can be replaced in many different ways. Placing a fixed bridge is among the available options. Experts in the dental field do recommend that dental care should strictly be approached from a tooth-conserving perspective and the entire fixing process entails full alteration of the teeth that are healthy otherwise. To ensure you preserve your teeth, or require an implant to restore the natural look of your teeth, considering Dents de sagesse Montréal, it is a long-lasting and less invasive solution to go with.

Stop the teeth from making shifts to empty spaces

When an individual loses a tooth, all the surrounding teeth will make way to make a move to fill the existing loft space which will later lead to different dental complications. Crowded or unevenly spaced teeth provide us with challenges to keep them clean and this will cost you a lot in case you develop any dental problem. Considering dental implant will keep the teeth well-spaced making them easy to clean.

Dental implants conserve an individual’s jawbone

Preferring a fixed bridge over dental implants will lead to deterioration of the jawbone underneath the loft space. These cases happen since an individual will receive inadequate stimulation to the existing bone without the root of the teeth. This is a similar thing to the dentures that may not have the support of an implant. So, you should consider immediate dental implants so that the jawbone will not lack that integrity of receiving future implants without necessarily a graft of a dental bone.

Dental implants supported dentures

Dentures have been reported by many individuals to have a lot of complications with them. This arises due to the poor fit of the dentures, mouth sores, food restrictions, and sunken lips. Wearing dentures provides such a fixed and permanent solution to dentures that are implant supported. Different procedures are in place and there are those that even provide full arch support of the prosthetic teeth with even minimal implants as few as up to four.

Preserves an individual’s appearance

An individual’s face will turn sunken in a way after a jawbone starts to undergo deterioration just because of a missing tooth. You will turn to look even older than those above your age. This is the case that makes those with dental dentures regularly complain of having sunken cheeks and thin lips. With dental implants, you’re assured of full body stimulation to produce dense and such a healthy jawbone material to keep the face always look young.

In case you require this kind of treatment, there is a need you to consider Dents de sagesse Montral to get the best services ever.