Power Pressure Cooker xl Frozen Chicken Wings Recipe

by Carol Watts
Power Pressure Cooker xl Frozen Chicken Wings Recipe

No party is complete without chicken wings. Whether you’re tailgating at a college game or enjoying a church potluck, these gooey, tasty and savory morsels are a perennial hit. Up until now, you might have fried, grilled, baked, roasted, broiled or slow cooked these appetizers. While there is certainly nothing wrong with any of these solutions, there might be situations when time is short yet you don’t want to compromise on that fall-off-the-bone flavor. Don’t despair: bring out your pressure cooker.

Yes, your pressure cooker. If you’re thinking of the one Aunt Harriet passed down to you while disco was still king, it’s time to get in step with today’s cookers. A great deal has changed in recent years when it comes to these devices. They’re not dangerous if used according to instructions, and you won’t be subjected to that terrible screeching noise that used to raise your stress level through the roof. These days, they’re quiet, safe, clean and easy to use. Best of all, they’re not expensive.

The key advantage of pressure cooker chicken wings is the reduced time it takes to make them. From start to finish, you can accomplish the feat of preparing this delicious dish in about 30 minutes. The high pressure and fast cooking time enable all of that yummy juiciness to remain locked into your wings. What’s more, the meat is as tender as can be while the skin retains its flavor. If crispiness is important to you, you can quickly finish off your wings in the intense heat of your broiler after completing your pressure cooker chicken wings recipe.

Let’s face it, chicken wings are a guilty pleasure for most of us. With the pressure cooker, you can make them in minutes and without leaving your home. That’s definitely something to celebrate.