Using the bundle builder while ordering Tshirts helps save money

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Using the bundle builder while ordering Tshirts helps save money

Since clothes are worn throughout the day, they are likely to become dirty, stained and may also get damaged. These clothes will become old and torn if they are washed regularly especially in a washing machine. So most people have to replace all their old stained and torn clothes regularly with new clothes, often after a few months. Many people prefer to wear clothes of their favorite colors, with t-shirts matching the color of the shorts, pants or socks. However, finding shorts, other clothes of the same color later is often difficult or tedious. To overcome this problem True Classic Tees has a Bundle Builder feature which allows customers to conveniently make a bundle of the clothes they wish to purchase.

One of the main benefits of using the bundle builder is that the customer only has to select the size of the clothes he wishes to purchase once. Then for each T-shirt, shorts, pants or socks which he wishes to purchase, he only has to choose the color and quantity required. To encourage the customers to use the bundle builder, True Classic is offering the customer $5 off for each additional item which he adds to the bundle subject to some limits. This helps the customer save a substantial amount on the price of the t-shirts, pants, shorts and other items. Additionally for larger orders, the customer will be also eligible for free shipping.

For the convenience of customers, True Classic has listed some of the more popular garments in the bundle builder. For each of the T-shirts and other garments, the number of reviews is also listed, which is an indication of the popularity of the product. For example, the classic crew neck t-shirt is the most popular T-shirt sold since it is affordably priced and will fit well. However since only a limited number of colors are available, some customers may prefer the active crew-neck t-shirt which has more color options, though it is slightly more expensive than the classic crew neck.

Some men prefer to wear polo t-shirts since they have a collar, and look more formal. Hence the bundle builder also includes polo t-shirts in different colors and sizes, so the customers can easily find the polo shirt they want. Additionally there are variants of the t-shirts, with v-neck t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts which are preferred by those who wish to keep their arms covered. Similarly men can choose from Active wear comfort, fast dry,and Chino shorts, jogging pants, chino pants and jeans.